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Summer Suitcase

We asked our Founder Adam Brown, Senior Marketing Manager Edward Lloyd-Davies and Senior Retail Manager Andy Withycombe to give us a rundown of what’ll be making an appearance in their suitcases this summer.

ADAM BROWN, Founder of Orlebar Brown

Where are you going?

I’m very fortunate to have three times away lined up this summer. The first one is in Turkey with some friends and their children. I’m then going surfing in the fabulous, freezing cold waves in North Cornwall and finally I’m off to Mykonos where we’re taking a villa with some friends. So three completely different holidays.

What are the top three things you take to the beach?

A pack of playing cards, a book and buckets of SPF50 sun cream.

Adam’s Picks:

Sebastian Towelling

Sebastian is the original OB Classic tailored pique polo and this season we evolved it into towelling. Towelling is one of those fabrics that for me just means resort, holiday and travel. It’s the ultimate fabric that has a romantic quality to it, it conjures up images of people in the ‘50s and ‘60s on boats in glamorous places.


Bulldog Happy Sandboys

Photographic prints are integral to our collections. Our photography has up until now been realistic and evocative. The blurred imagery of Happy Sandboys gives a new interpretation to our Bulldog shorts. It feels like a fresh approach to photography for us. The image has great energy and I love the vibrant colours.


Grandy Sunglasses

The type of sunglasses you wear is sort of dictated by the shape of your face. Small round frames or aviator styles suit me best. The Grandy is our style for me. They have a classic, timeless feel. I always have one pair of sunglasses that I wear everywhere. I’m not the type of person who accessorises with a different pair every day.


Faine Textured Cotton Shirt

Each year there always seems to be one shirt I naturally gravitate to. This season, it’s our version of an easy short-sleeved cotton waffle shirt. It can be as smart as you like – you can wear it unbuttoned with a beaten-up pair of shorts or with a white Griffon trouser and it looks great either way.


EDWARD LLOYD-DAVIES, Senior Marketing Manager

Where’s your next holiday?

My next holiday will be to Bermuda over the 4th of July weekend. I’m going with one of my best friends Ben who I’ve lived with for the last four years. We’re treating it as one last hurrah together before we move out of our house.

Are you worried about the Bermuda Triangle?

No! Part of my job is travelling a lot. If I was scared of flying or anything like that, then I’d be in significant trouble!

Ed’s Picks:

OB Classic Bulldogs in Seersucker

On the beach my new go-to pair of swimshorts are the seersucker Bulldogs in Navy. I’ve always been a big fan of seersucker, I love the look and navy is my favourite colour.


White Terry Towelling Polo

On holiday my new favourite thing is either a white or navy Terry Towelling polo. It’s one of those fabrics that used to scare me, but whilst I was away over Christmas I took one with me to try and absolutely fell in love with it. It’s so soft on your skin, and interestingly even in the searing heat it actually keeps you really cool. It’s a conversation starter, particularly when you give someone a big hug!


Pierce Towelling Stripe Chambray

This is my new favourite travel jumper. I always find that I get cold on long flights and I’ll be doing quite a few of them this summer so it’s a great travel accessory for the plane. It’s also perfect for wrapping around your neck to keep you warm.


Larson Aqua Shoe

The most exciting recent development for Orlebar Brown is the Larson ‘shoe you can swim in’. I can proudly now say I’m wearing OB head-to-toe. They’re also perfect for a beach party because you don’t need to worry about them getting wet!


ANDY WITHYCOMBE, Senior Retail Manager

Where are you going?

Flying into LA with a best mate and hopefully getting a couple of cars from ‘Rent a Wreck’ and racing through Death Valley to Vegas for a few nights and then back to LA. I’ve picked out two tops, trousers and swim shorts so in theory I’ll have four outfits.

Top Travel Tip

Put shoes in first because you always get the end of packing and go “Where do I put my shoes?”

Andy’s Picks:

The Albert Polo

Because I love ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’ and the Albert has that Jude Law feel, perfect for a warm night out. I was thinking about how when you go to the States you see a ubiquitous outfit on a night out which is often chinos and a shirt, but with a piece like this you’ll stand out and look like you care and have a little bit of style about you.


OB Classic Bulldog Swim Short

I really appreciate details. If you look at the Poulson from a distance it looks like a colour block, you have to look closer and you suddenly realise they’re dots. The Bulldog is also the classic length you can stick a shirt on with.


Duran Congo Grey Trouser

LA sits around the mid-20s temperature, which is perfect for a lightweight, skinny trouser. Grey is a bit more interesting than navy, because everyone – including me – wears a lot of navy. I tan quite well so I can pull off those lighter colours. I live in black, white and denim T-shirts and black especially will look perfect with it.


Morton Navy Tailored Shirt

The piece isn’t new but it’s just wicked. I rock Mortons in summer in London so in states with a tan and the sun it’s ideal. I’d stayed away from linen before because it’s always been done baggy, oversized, whereas this shirt has been cut like a proper shirt and what I love about it. Also if you put a T-shirt underneath it with battered jeans and old boots and you look like a rock star.


And don’t forget…we offer a 5-year guarantee on all our OB Classic Swim Shorts.

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