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The Uniform


Steve Jobs had his black polos, Albert Einstein favoured a grey suit sans socks and even Picasso stocked up on his favourite Breton stripes. And as the modern iteration of the old saying goes, ‘If it’s good enough for Jobs…’ These idiosyncratic dressers all understood the virtues of uniform dressing. Anyone who suffers from what the zeitgeist has deemed ‘decision- fatigue’ will know that paring back your wardrobe will save time and energy and also serves as a way to forge a new identity.

At OB we’ve noticed that the way our customers shop is echoing the trend for finding your signature style and sticking to it, be it an OB-T or OB-V, Andy polo or Catalan chinos. Uncover your stylistic autograph and we guarantee within a year everyone will be revering your sartorial gumption and masterful approach to that dreaded of all dress codes: smart/casual. The allure of uniform dressing is, that at its core, it’s an enticing proposition that plays to both the peacock and wallflowers sensibilities. The peacock will keep the fundamentals of their outfit the same and add an injection of colour (think newsreader Jon Snow’s eye-catching socks peaking from his trouser hem), while the wallflower can nestle in the comforting, almost anonymous pieces that neither call them to attention nor detract from the mission of the day.

Rather than limit your sartorial voice, a wardrobe based around key pieces or a statement palette is all about choice.This doesn’t mean you need veer to the muted end of the spectrum. At OB we embrace saturated cerulean hues and chilli pepper reds with gusto. So, when you’re looking for a new visual code to simplify your closet, don’t dismiss a pop of colour; moss green cargo trousers or orange polos show real style brio (Ed’s Note: though perhaps not together).

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Home > Blog > The Uniform