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Providing the perfect layers for transition from beach to bar, our cover-up selection includes luxury silk blend pieces and signature towelling fabrics. Combining comfort with style – these are a resort staple for any OB woman’s wardrobe.

Alina Crimson Towelling Cover-Up

£195.00 £35.00

Alina White Towelling Cover-Up

£195.00 £35.00

Alina Eventide Flora Print Towelling Cover-Up

£225.00 £45.00

Betty Mazanine/Dark Atoll/Vermillion Towelling Cover-Up Wrap

£195.00 £35.00

Brela Papaya Silk Cover-Up

£495.00 £33.00

Carmen Pacific Ecru Melange Women's Textured Towelling Wrap

£165.00 £30.00

Gabrielle Denim Pigment Boat Neck Sundress

£145.00 £73.00

Grace Denim Pigment Boat Neck Top

£145.00 £25.00

Harlow Konstantin Crypsis Women’s Towelling Drape Dress

£295.00 £55.00

Harlow Navy Camo Leaf Towelling Drape Dress

£295.00 £55.00

Rita Aloha Linen Cover-up

£175.00 £175.00

Stephanie Navy Slub Towelling Top

£135.00 £27.00

Stephanie White Slub Towelling Top

£135.00 £68.00

Thelma White Sleeveless Slub Towelling Polo

£110.00 £20.00

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